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Artemis Olive Oil 475ml Bottle Artemis Organic Olive Oil

Discover the majestic mountains of southern Greece, where the goddess Athena struck the bare earth with her spear and created the first olive tree. Explore the fertile plateau on the north coast of the Peloponnese, home to the world's most lovingly cultivated olive grove. Stroll sacred soil cherished for centuries and meet Tim and Chris Kamarianakis - your hosts for the incomparable culinary adventure of Artemis Organic Olive Oil.

Savor the exquisite taste of our single-estate, single-variety gourmet olive oil. Appreciate the exceptional quality achieved by our organically-farmed and hand-processed methods. Grown with minimal human interference, Artemis Organic Olive Oil is an all-natural product that delivers the unequalled essence of select Greek olives-from our fertile fields to your family table.

In harmony with nature - and you

Professional chef or a lover of fine food, you'll discover that Artemis Organic Olive Oil adds a new realm of flavor to your creations. Enhance soups, salads, spreads, and sauces. Enliven roasts, casseroles, dips, and appetizers. Enrich all your meals with the concentrated goodness and nutritional value of extra virgin organic olive oil grown in harmony with nature - and in harmony with you.

Signature taste

Produced from the rare "Patrinia" olive tree variety, Artemis Organic Olive Oil offers naturally smooth fruitiness complemented by a mild peppery aftertaste. Exceptionally dry growing conditions in 2007 heightened the bold flavor of our fresh olive fruit, and added a hint of wild grass and thyme. The signature lightness and clean finish of Artemis Organic Olive Oil is unmistakable, and unforgettable.

World-class quality

Artemis Organic Olive Oil unique among the extra virgin oils around the world, consistently offers an exceptionally low acidity of below 0.3%, and a polyphenols content of almost 170ppm. This world-class quality is achieved by a combination of ideal growing location, sustainable organic farming methods, and low-impact harvesting and processing practices.

Solinaria Grove Our family legacy

One thousand Greek olive trees of our Solinaria Grove give birth to Artemis Organic Olive Oil. Solinaria Grove was planted thirty years ago by Michael Kamarianakis on land once tilled by a medieval monastery. Today, sons Tim and Chris Kamarianakis fulfill their father's dream of producing the world's finest Greek olive oil. Artemis Organic Olive Oil is more than a Kamarianakis family legacy. It is our opportunity to share nature's most precious food, perfected into its purest ideal.

Old-world artisanship

Tim Kamarianakis applied his archaeological background and love of history to discover and apply farming methods used by our ancestors and elders long before the age of mechanized farming. Many of these amazingly effective cultivation methods serve a dual purpose: protecting and nurturing the trees, and adding unique flavors to the olive oil.

Artemis Olive Oil 475ml Bottle The nurturing micro-climate of our Solinaria Grove combines cool summer sea breezes, winter rains, and protection from the local weather extremes. During the hottest summer months, the olive trees are watered using our own crystal-clear spring water that filters down from the mountain peaks. Delicate pruning and attentive detail to the trees and soil at every stage of development contribute to the quality of Artemis Organic Olive Oil.

From the first creamy-white olive flowers blooming, to our final handwritten signature on every label - each bottle of Artemis Organic Olive Oil is a creation cycle completed. Each bottle is a testament to old-world artisanship and craftsmanship, and a labor of love by our family to create this superior extra virgin olive oil.

Limited and exclusive supply

This year we are making available just 1800 bottles of our prized Artemis Organic Olive Oil Family Reserve to you - our extended family. This limited and exclusive supply of our Family Reserve extra virgin olive oil is our way of sharing the very best our land, our trees, and our family can create - and bring the ultimate pleasure to those who love nature's bounty as we do.