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Solinaria Grove High in the mountains on the north coast of the Peloponnese, overlooking the wine-dark Gulf of Corinth, and facing the mountains that nestle the ancient site of Delphi in their folds, is a green plateau. This paradise is home to 1000 carefully tended olive trees that produce our family's exclusive reserve of exceptionally high quality Artemis Organic Olive Oil. It's a magical place that is a symbol of our family's history, and tradition.

Planted 30 years ago on land that once belonged to the medieval monastery, our wonderful "Patrinia" variety olive trees have thrived on the cool mountain climate, and crystal cold water that we channel from our own pure mountain spring.

Since the mid 1990"s we have worked hard to create a model of sustainable, minimal-footprint organic farming utilizing modern techniques and innovations that complement traditional methods that date to antiquity.
"The Solinaria is a place on earth that takes my breath away. So stunning are the cliffs and mountain ranges surrounding it, the blue seas to the North and the mountain ranges of mainland Greece in the distance, that no matter which way I look I stand in awe. It's land where Spartans, Romans and Ottomans have roamed, and I know that throughout history these people have stood in wonder at the majesty of the landscape in this place, just as we do today."
Chris Kamarianakis

In 2008 we hope to expand this grove by acquiring an additional ten acres of land adjacent to ours. Over the next five years these too will be planted and established into our organic estate.

A recently acquired five-acre piece of land next to the farmhouse, along with the three acres around our mountain spring will soon be planted with 500 Black Truffle grafted hazelnut trees. Look for Artemis Black Diamond Truffle Infused Olive Oil in 2012!

Tim Kamarianakis
Quick Stats
  • Main Orchard Name: Solinaria
  • Size: 11 acres
  • Elevation: 420m / 1365ft
  • Orientation: North West
  • Valley Axis: North-South
  • Number of Trees: 1000
  • Olive Variety: Patrinia
  • Tree Age: 30 years
  • Water Source: Mountain spring water and precipitation only