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Core Farming Principles

Artemis Olive Oil 475ml Bottle Six Principles underpin each and every decision we make at our Estate:

  • Create Olive Oil of unparallelled taste, quality and goodness for our families and friends;
  • Do so practicing organic, sustainable farming;
  • Minimize our footprint on the environment;
  • Love and respect the land;
  • Preserve and practice ancient farming techniques;
  • Maintain and encourage a naturally balanced ecosystem.

Our World Today

The majority of modern day farming is not sustainable. In an almost demented frenzy to acquire the cheapest agricultural goods for larger profit margins there tend to be two victims: the land and the consumer, and both have reached saturation point. The land, and by extension the farmer, is pressured into producing unnaturally high quantities of crops through the addition of chemicals and modified seeds, whilst trees are driven to greater yields by pumping their root systems full of hormones and fertilizers with little though for quality of product or the soil. This chemical bonanza inevitably ends up on our plate. The implications for our well-being and the health of the land are troubling, to say the least.

A Conscious Choice

Our organic farming methods are based on deference for the land and a respect for what we choose to eat. We have worked hard to achieve sustainability by reviving simpler and cleaner methods of farming that were used through antiquity until the advent of mechanizes farming some 40 years ago. Important sources of information for us have been the elderly inhabitants of the area, who still remember how to care for the land with the resources that are naturally available. We combine this with organically certified modern methods that help us maintain a balanced ecosystem without creating a chemical footprint that all of us will someday have to pay for.

What we have achieved is a model for others to build on, and a legacy not just for our family, but for yours too. In doing so we've created a protected place where our olive grove can produce exceptionally fine extra virgin olive oil, packed with nature's goodness. We offer it to you with all our conviction and dedication, direct from our Estate.

We produce our own bio-diesel for all the farm's fuel needs by recycling poor quality oil from the village mill, thus minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment. Our bio-diesel is actually cleaner than conventional petroleum diesel and is used to run all the farm machinery, including the heating of the house during the winter months.

Organics PLUS Approach

To us Organic farming is more than just an exercise in avoidance. We have achieved the complete removal of any residues from toxic herbicides, pesticides and non-organic fertilizers from our fields and oil. The simple use of natural fertilizers such as manure and peas store all the grove's nutritional needs in the soil without any leaching that is so common with chemical fertilizers. At the same time it improves soil fertility, biodiversity, and the soil's ability to retain water. The grass, flowers, and "weeds" that grow in the field are mown before the summer begins, after they have dropped their seeds, providing a thick golden blanket that protects the soil and insects from the hottest months. We keep the trees relatively small through assiduous pruning, maintaining a healthy balance between new growth and olive production.

"Local farmers are surprised when they visit our olive grove. They see the ground and trees teeming with insect life: bees, aphids, spiders, butterflies, birds, lizards, moles and flowers of every description. You see, they practice a 'scorched earth' approach to farming where nothing grows in their soil other than the trees, which are kept on 'artificial life support' through massive amounts of fertilizer. They invariably suggest that I spray the weeds, heave quantities of chemical fertilizer onto the root systems, and generally kill anything that crawls or buzzes with a dose of toxic cocktails. What they don't realize is that there is a choice, and that we have made ours!"
Tim Kamarianakis

Natural Indicators

This is not to say that we leave anything to luck! There is a great deal of work that goes on to maintain an organic grove that produces olive oil of this quality. There is a sensitivity and balance that has to be maintained and once again we rely on natural indicators to guide us in our actions. There are a host of plants, fungi and insects that indicate either the condition of the soil or trees, or act as warning signs that should be heeded. Most of these come with experience and some from historical research or conversations with other older farmers. Our challenge is to combat specific problems without damaging or upsetting the fragile surrounding ecosystem.

"Fermented nettle juice is wonderful for providing a thick skin on both the olive and the leaf of the tree. This is particularly important when there is a problem with the insect 'dakos' whose activity increases the acidity of the oil when it pierces the olive. Having applied the method to our trees I'm surprised that any living creature with an olfactory system stays in the area! The odour is unpleasantÂ…..but it works!"
Tim Kamarianakis.
Solinaria Grove We do what we do because we want to, not because we have to. We are proud of the oil we produce; the recycled glass that the bottle is made of; the recycled paper of the lable and box that the bottle is packaged in; the fact that the cork supports a traditional industry that has existed for 2000 years; the eco-friendliness of our packaging partner; and our dedication to a species of tree that is in danger of disappearing. We are glad that our efforts may encourage other people to take an interest in their family lands (wherever they may be!), and to appreciate the fruits of their labour whilst they cherish and nurture their heritage.

We are grateful for the opportunity that has been given us to show, through our work, that there is another way. For us it is a path of respect and quality that we pass on to you in every bottle of Artemis Organic Olive Oil.

Join us and Enjoy!

Tim Kamarianakis