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Chris and Tim Kamarianakis welcome you!

Visit us at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, January 2010.

Artemis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Family's Legacy of Tradition & Artisanship

An ancient olive varietal, treasured since the golden age of Greece.

A venerated olive grove nurtured by the rich mountain soil of the Northern Peloponnesus, nourished by crystal spring waters, and lovingly farmed with organic methods perfected in antiquity.

A cherished family legacy passed from father to sons,
giving birth to the world's finest
Greek Single-Estate Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This year we share with you our most exclusive Family Reserve, one of just 1800 bottles of our very best olive oil to be enjoyed and savoured by our family and friends.

From our family to yours, Kali Orexi!

Tim & Chris Kamarianakis

Listen to CBC Radio One "Fresh Air" interview with Chris Kamarianakis on August 31st 2009. Click below to listen....